LaserCap 300Flex™- Cap That Makes Hair Grow

LaserCap 300Flex™- Cap That Makes Hair Grow

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In order to provide maximum scalp coverage to stop the hair loss LaserCap® 300Flex™ is one of our best recommended laser cap that makes hair grow. It features with 300 laser diodes that are the maximum number of diodes for an at-home device as compared to the LCPro™ 224 that has 224 laser diodes. Due to the increased number of laser diodes, LaserCap® 300Flex™ provides superior coverage to the scalp perimeter, frontal hairline and the occipital area of head at an optimal power.

The LaserCap® 300Flex™ is the best cap that makes hair grow is a low-level laser therapy device (LLLT) that is highly effective against hair loss and provides an excellent non-surgical treatment for women’s hair loss and regrowth as the low-level laser therapy not only nourishes the existing hair follicles but also aids in the hair growth phase to cover the scalp with an increased number of hairs.  LLLT has been found beneficial for the treatment of Traction Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia), and Telogen Effluvium.

Build Quality

To provide an ultimate experience of comfort, LaserCap® 300Flex™ is made up with a soft material (elastomeric) exhibiting an excellent flexibility for the proper fit according to the contours of one’s head.


LaserCap® Company offer their customers to invest only once for the health of their hair by providing Lifetime Warranty Policy with the addition of LaserCap® 300Flex™. The best feature of this policy is that it applies to all the LaserCap® products that has been sold since 2009.

Any defect in material or the craftmanship can be claimed under this policy by providing the proof of purchase. If a LaserCap® is found defective, then the company will be responsible for the repair or exchange with the same model for the first three (3) years and after the duration of three (3) years, a minor replacement charges will have to be paid by the customer.

Cap That Makes Hair Grow LaserCap 300Flex™-

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Our cutting edge thinning hair loss treatments provide optimal energy to hair follicles. Our options are supported by advanced scientific research and only prescribed by top physicians. Our exclusive lifetime warranties and 100% satisfaction ensures that you have the freedom to purchase in absolute comfort and privacy of your own home.