Why thinning hair loss treatment?

LaserCap® has again become the industry’s first with the most recent introduction of our lifetime warranty policy which is retroactive to our first sales.  Dr. Rabin and his team of inventor’s became the industry’s first take-home device with its innovative technology which was introduced in 2009.  With 10 years in the industry, we remain competitive and continue to lead in our industry, recently changing our wholesale pricing offering the physician a bigger profit margin.      

  1. Invented & supported by a Science & Medical Team.  See ‘About The Company’ attachment.
  2. FDA cleared to stop hair loss and promote hair growth (Optimal power)
  3. Lifetime warranty policy (never need to buy another)
  4. 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee (75% refund)
  5. Physician on staff for customer support
  6. Lightweight, easy to wear under any hat and weighs less than 1 lb  (An increased number of Patients continue treatments and do not lose interest because of the ease of use)
  7. Rechargeable power pack with belt-clip allows for mobility (not tethered to an outlet)
  8. Recommended and prescribed by Physicians  (LaserCap® Company will not sell directly to the patient)

See what physicians are saying: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeFskkTWWb-Zii8dn_YC4Hg