Why thinning hair loss treatment?

LaserCap® has again become the industry’s first with the most recent introduction of our lifetime warranty policy which is retroactive to our first sales.  Dr. Rabin and his team of inventor’s became the industry’s first take-home device with its innovative technology which was introduced in 2009.  With 10 years in the industry, we remain competitive and continue to lead in our industry, recently changing our wholesale pricing offering the physician a bigger profit margin.      

Why Choose LaserCap®?

  • Optimal Light Energy Delivered
  • Supported by Science
  • Available by Physician Only
  • Lifetime Warranty Policy
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Safe & Effective Treatment

  • Optimal Light Energy Delivered
  • Stops Hair Loss
  • Regrows Damaged Hair
  • Effective, Lasting Results
  • Safe, Cool Light Energy

Ease of Use

  • Optimal Light Energy Delivered
  • Innovative Flex Fit Design
  • Hands Free
  • Portable & Discreet
  • Convenient 30 min, 3x per week