Patient is a 40 year-old Caucasian woman with a history of female androgenic alopecia for over 20 years. She had a total of #1200 micro-graft hair transplants to the frontal area, approximately 6 years ago, and has intermittently used medical treatment (minoxidil) to prevent further loss. Patient feels that the hair loss has been stable, and has not worsened. At commencement of laser treatment, she had not used minoxidil for the preceding 7 months.

Examination revealed healthy (dyed) hair and scalp with a mild (more visible hair than visible skin) hair loss in the mid-scalp area. There was a barely visible linear scar extending from ear to ear in the occipital area. Findings were consistent with female androgenic alopecia -- status post hair transplantation. No inflammation was noted.

Low level laser light therapy was initiated using Thinning hair lose treatment, 30 minutes every other day. No topical or oral hair growth treatments were used. Upon follow up at five months, the patient felt she was no worse, but also felt that no significant growth had taken place. Her compliance included two 14-day periods in which she was on vacation and did not use the device.

On examination the frontal and mid-scalp hair appeared to be fuller with increased volume. The midscalp region showed conspicuous new growth (1.5 inches long) along the central part. The width of the central part was significantly reduced. Photographs show the comparison between baseline and 6 month appearance.